Want to earn some extra cash and make a difference?

Want to earn some extra cash? Want to make a difference at the university of Göteborg?

Göteborgs united student unions, GUS, are looking for SEVERAL student representatives for meetings at the university. The meetings will be held approximately once a month from 2019-07-01 until 2020-06-30.

Following spots are avaliable:

Biblioteksnämnden – library board
3 main, 3 replacers

Disciplinnämnden – dicipline board
2 main, 2 replacers

Universitetsstyrelsen – university board
3 main, 1 replacer

Stipendienämnden – scholarship board
3 main, 3 replacer

Filosofiska fakulteternas gemensamma donationsnämnd – philosophy faculty donation board
2 main, 2 replacers

PIL:s Enhetsråd – PIL council
2 main

Forskningsnämnden – scientist board
3 main

Act sustainable styrgrupp – Act sustainable project group
1 main, 1 replacer

Flytt av studentportalen – change of the student page
3 main

More info about the different groups and boards can be found here:

If you have any questions contact:

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