Student Representatives at Valand

Konstkåren has a local group at Valand, working to make your education and your time here at the school as good as possible. The union is run by students, and all students are welcome to take part in the important work that we do. We much appreciate your engagement, big or small ! There are many ways to take part and contribute!

Contact the section: akademinvaland@konstkaren.gu.se

Facebook: Konstkåren Valand

Shared Chair and Vice chair positions:
Kolbrún Inga Söring MFA Fri konst 1/ gusgunko@student.gu.se
Laurence Price MFA Fri konst 2 / gusprila@student.gu.se
Ana Jarosz MFA Photo 1  / annaojarosz@gmail.com


Academic council
Laurence Price / gusprila@student.gu.se


Leadership group
Monika Balukeviciute  / gusbalukmo@student.gu.se


Education board
Gloria Lopez-Cleries / glorialopezcleries@gmail.com
Albert Sten  / gusalberst@student.gu.se


Equal treatment group
Alexandra Papademetriou / papademetriou.alexandra@gmail.com


Working environment group
Julio Guzman / gusguzju@student.gu.se


Department meeting Fine ART



Department meeting Film (Subject meetings)



Department meeting photography
Albert Sten   / gusalberst@student.gu.se
Miina Anahita   / photo@miinaanahita.com


Department meeting Literary composition



Other board members

Deborah Carlander   / deborahcarlander@gmail.com

Barthélémy Garcia  / garcia.barthelemy@gmail.com

Reyhaney Mirjahani  / rey.mirj@gmail.com

Vera Jörgensen   / verajorgensen@live.se

Albert Sten   / gusalberst@student.gu.se

Lex Eliot Rose   / gushulth@student.gu.se

Miina Anahita  / photo@miinaanahita.com