Student Representatives at HSM

Konstkåren has a local group at HSM, working to make your education and your time here at the school as good as possible. The union is run by students, and all students are welcome to take part in the important work that we do. We much appreciate your engagement, big or small ! There are many ways to take part and contribute!
You can find us in the C-stairwell right by the cafeteria.
Drop-in each Friday during lunch, swing by!

Contact: hsm@konstkaren.gu.se
Artist-agency: TBA, contact hsm@konstkaren.gu.se

Facebook: HSM-sektionen Konstkåren

HSM Section board

Emma Lindeberg Berglund

Vice Chairperson
Cecilia Johansson

Malin Gustavsson

Section board 
Amanda Frisk
Nadja Lagercrantz
Johan Holmgren
Benjamin Sandberg
Petter Midholm
Frida Norberg, Ledningsrådet
Elin Gustafsson, Institutional Council
Anton Wigh, Institutional Council, Food Council
Malin Gustavsson, Educational Council
Emma Lindeberg Berglund, SAMO – Work environment representative, Work environment group
Madelene Sandmer, Work environment group