Student Representatives at HDK and Steneby

Information about the Steneby Section follows further down on this page.

Konstkåren has two sections at HDK, one in Gothenburg and one at Steneby in Dals Långed. Both these sections are working to make your education and your time here at the school as good as possible. The union is run by students, and all students are welcome to take part in the important work that we do. We much appreciate your engagement, big or small ! There are many ways to take part and contribute!

At HDK Gothenburg Konstkåren has a billboard  on the wall next to the red elevator on floor 3, opposite of the café. Information about meetings, activities call for positions and other important stuff will be announced here.

You can also visit us at our office in the basement, next to the photostudio.

Contact the Section: hdk@konstkaren.gu.se

Facebook: Konstkåren HDK

HDK section board

Chairperson Maria Helena Norén
Program/year: DK2

Vice Chairperson  Naemi Gustavsson
Program/year: KK2


Party Planning Committee Maria Tjernström
Program/year: KK1

Section board members

Maria Helena Norén (DK2)
Naemi Gustavsson (KK2)
Oktawian Bohdziewicz (KK3)
Cecilia Brandström (DK2)
Antonia Haglund (KK2)
Lea Wilhelm (DK2)
Silje Fridvall (DK2)
Frida Ejvegård (BVK3)
Maria Tjernström (KK1)

Student representatives

Institutionsrådet / Institution Council
Louise Johansson (DK2)
Elin Alvemark

Ledningsgruppen / Leadership Group

Vakant / Vacant

Utbildningsrådet / Education Council
Lea Wilhelm (DK2)
Elin Alvemark (KK3)

Matrådet / Food Council
Cecilia Brandström (DK2)

Forskarrådet / Research Council
Vakant / Vacant

Arbetsmiljögruppen / Work Environment Group
Antonia Haglund (KK2)

Hållbarhetsforum / Sustainability Forum
Joséphine Perini Stefansson (DK2)
Sointu Johansson (DK1)

Likabehandlingsforum / Equal Treatmment Group
Cecilia Brandström (DK2)

Kollegierådet för Konsthantverk /

Department Council Crafts
Naemi Gustavsson (KK2)

Kollegierådet för Design / Department Council Design
Silje Fridvall (DK2)

Kollegierådet för Lärarutbildningen /

Department Council Teacher Education
Frida Ejvegård (BVK3)

Kollegierådet för Steneby / Department Council Steneby
Vakant / Vacant

Student Representatives at Steneby

HDK Steneby has their own Section, with the same function as the HDK Gothenburg Section.

Contact the Stenby Section: steneby@konstkaren.gu.se

Steneby Section Board